Day 228 of 365…

Vancouver Landing Amphitheater on The Columbia WaterfrontDid you know there is a place to explore and enjoy on the West side of the Red Lion Hotel at The Quay? Immediately West is Vancouver Landing with the amphitheater that is open to the public. This concrete “park” is great to sit and relax and watch the river activity. You can fish from it or from the dock. Occasionally there will be some kind of event or concert happening.

Last year we had a nice visit from the Lady Washington and Hawaiian Chieftain “pirate” ships that were a lot of fun. They were made famous from Pirates of the Caribbean. As I mentioned this is a great public space that has lots of usefulness. You can also rent Vancouver Landing Amphitheater out if you’d like.

Vancouver Landing on Columbia Waterfront

Another thing that will be fascinating to watch will be the over 1 billion dollar transformation of the old 32 acre Boise Cascade site into an amazing waterfront community. You will be able to have a front row seat to The Columbia Waterfront development right from Vancouver Landing.

To get to Vancouver Landing head South along Columbia Street and head around the Red Lion Inn at the Quay and you’ll find the amphitheater around back. There are several parking lots to park in.

Columbia Waterfront Amphitheater

Columbia Waterfront rendering