Day 231 of 365…

Today’s post is designed for our furry four legged family members! Hopefully their owners will read this to them… ;)

Ross Dog Park in Vancouver WashingtonDid you know there is a HUGE 9 acre park that you can run in and play in without needing to wear your leash? It is fully fenced to keep you safe while you play. As long as you get along nicely with all the other dogs you can go crazy. You can chase a tennis ball, catch sticks, run until your hearts content. This whole place is made just for you! If you need to use the “restroom” please remind your owner to clean up and properly dispose of it. That way the park stays nice for everyone. I bet your tail is wagging pretty good by now. You want to know what this park is called huh? It’s called Ross Dog Park and it’s located out in the Hazel Dell area. I’ll make sure and tell your owner where it’s located so that they can take you there to play.

Ross Dog Park

Ross Dog Park is located up on the hill next to the Bonneville Power Administration on the south side of the Ross Complex. It’s at NE Ross Street & NE 18th Avenue. Ross Dog Park had the land donated by BPA and the fences, gates, waste stations, rules and maintenance are all taken care of by DOGPAW.