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Day 230: Tiger’s Garden Laotian & Thai Cuisine

Day 230 of 365…

Tigers Garden Laotian and Thai cuisine in Vancouver WashingtonIt was recently brought to my attention that I have not yet shared any Vancouver, WA Thai restaurants. To be honest, I was surprised to hear this and even more surprised to realize it was true! Well, today I fix this oversight… The restaurant I’ll be highlighting is Tiger’s Garden Laotian and Thai Cuisine in downtown Vancouver.

I’ve eaten here several times and always enjoyed it. The food is always flavorful and fresh and today was no different. I’ve tried some of their curry dishes and different noodle dishes which are all great. However, I’m a sucker for pineapple and almost always go back to their Sweet & Sour Stir Fry with squid (you can get other meats if you aren’t a squid fan). 🙂 The sweet and sour with pineapple, cucumber and all the mixed veggies is a light, refreshing meal.

Tiger's Garden Laotian & Thai Cuisine

Tiger’s Garden is located at 312 W 8th Street, Vancouver, WA 98660 and can be reached at 360-693-9585. They also have a full bar and Happy Hour in addition to full lunch and dinner service.

Tiger's Garden Laotian & Thai Cuisine

2 thoughts on “Day 230: Tiger’s Garden Laotian & Thai Cuisine”

  1. Stephanie Dawson says:

    SQUID? Dale, seriously… you like to eat squid? EWWW! I will never look at you the same.

    1. DaleChumbley says:

      Love me some squid! Mmmm…

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