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Day 235: Covington House

Day 235 of 365…

Today we’ll be traveling back in local Vancouver history a bit. Back to the late 1840’s to be exact. In 1848 Richard and Anna Covington came to Fort Vancouver to teach the children of the Hudson’s Bay employees. They settled in what is now the Orchards area on a 640 acre donation land claim and built their home. This home is now known as The Covington House. It no longer sits in its original location. In the mid 1920’s it was carefully disassembled and moved to its current location. It’s toward the top of Main Street just north of 39th Street. You may have driven by it and never realized the history it holds.

Covington House in Vancouver, WA

Unfortunately it isn’t open to the public but it is able to be utilized for weddings and different meetings. I’ve attended a couple different weddings in The Covington House and it is great for a small, quaint service. The house is very rustic and cozy. Even though you can’t get inside on a walk in basis you can park in front and take a look at the construction and reminisce about what life might have been like in Vancouver, WA over 160 years ago. The Covingtons’ played a significant role in the settlement of this area. I bet you didn’t know that the first piano in the Pacific Northwest resided with the Covingtons right in this house.

Covington House in Vancouver, WA

If you have interest in booking an event in The Covington House you need to contact the Covington House Vancouver Heritage Ambassadors at (360) 695-5602. The Covington House is located at 4201 Main Street, Vancouver, WA.

Covington House in Vancouver, WA

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