Day 246 of 365…

Marrion Neighborhood Tranquility Nature Area in Vancouver WAA couple days ago I was driving down the street and I noticed a City Of Vancouver park sign that said “Tranquility Nature Area“. I’ve driven this particular road hundreds of times but have somehow never noticed the sign. So today I thought I’d go explore and see what this Tranquility Nature Area is.

It sits in the Marrion Neighborhood area and is simply what the sign says… a tranquil, nature area. It is just east of Marrion Elementary and directly west of Cascadia Montessori School (I could hear the kids playing at recess). The Marrion Neighborhood is dense with houses and this little oasis is a nice little getaway. There is an open grassy area with a bench and picnic table and there is a gravel trail that heads into a wooded area. At the end of the trail is a circular turnaround and another bench to sit and relax on.

Tranquility Nature Area in Marrion Neighborhood

This doesn’t replace all our wonderful trails and big parks but provides a great little escape without having to drive somewhere if you live in the area.

The Tranquility Nature Area is located on NE 14th Street just east of NE 104th Avenue.

Tranquility Nature Area in Marrion Neighborhood