Day 247 of 365…

Top Choice Meat Market in Vancouver WAIf you ask me, meat is a good thing! I enjoy steaks, ribs, jerky, pepperoni, beef, pork, chicken, buffalo, elk, the works. A good place to find all of these great cuts of meat on the east side of Vancouver, WA is Top Choice Meat Market on Fourth Plain.




Established in 2001, family owned and operated, an old fashion style meat market and full service butcher.

You’ll find a huge variety of meats here. Not only do they have the cuts plain, you’ll find things like stuffed pork chops, teriyaki steaks, carne asada seasoned beef, bacon wrapped steaks and more. You’ll also find a huge selection of smoked meats like chorizzo sausage, hard salami, pepperoni, Italian sausage, brats. Their sausage is all mixed and smoked on-site. You will also find a great selection of 100% Organic, grass fed, no hormones, all natural meats.

Top Choice Meat Market in Vancouver, WA

If you are a hunter and looking for a place to get your meat processed, Top Choice Meat Market does game processing. Today I had some teriyaki buffalo pepperoni and it was wonderful.

Top Choice Meat Market is located at 12313 NE Fourth Plain Blvd., Vancouver, WA 98682 and can be reached at 360-896-8865.

Top Choice Meat Market in Vancouver, WA