Day 253 of 365…

Paws n Claws Thrift StorePaws-N-Claws Thrift Stores are a great place to go. These two local stores are a wonderful way to help support all the amazing efforts of our own Southwest Washington Humane Society. These stores are a great place to donate new or gently used items that can get resold out at much discounted prices with the funds helping the animals. How cool is this?!

I enjoy going in and wandering around. You never know what sort of treasure or trinket you might find. I like flipping through the CD’s and DVD’s (they are behind the counter so you’ll need to ask to see them) to see if I can add to my music collection. I usually end up with at least a disc or two. It’s also not uncommon to walk out the door with a book or two for someone in my family. They also carry furniture, clothing, shoes, household supplies, collectibles and a variety of other items. As I mentioned, you never know what you’ll find since they have a nonstop supply of things coming in.

Paws-N-Claws Thrift Store

Paws-N-Claws Thrift Store has two locations to serve the community:

3308 NE 52nd Street between St. Johns and St. James in Minnehaha. You can reach them at 360-693-1324.

13898 NE 28th Street, Vancouver, WA and you can reach them at 360-823-0421.

Paws-N-Claws Thrift Store