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Day 254: Sunrise Bagels & More

Day 254 of 365…

Sunrise Bagels and MoreIt wasn’t until I was 24 years old that I ate my first bagel. The fall of 1994 Don and Donna Kosterow began creating the “Original Northwest Bagel” at Sunrise Bagels & More and I was hooked! Flash forward to 2010 and when I walk in the door of Sunrise Bagels to get some soup, guess who is at the counter to greet me and help me? Donna herself. I just missed Don today but they still are waking up before I go to bed each night heading in to the bakery to get everything rolling for the day.

Sunrise Bagels serves a huge variety of fresh made bagels, dozens of different sandwiches, some wonderful soups, fish and chips, salads, dogs, breakfast food, desserts and more. The interior of their downtown Vancouver shop is awesome. You’ll even find a replica I-5 bridge built from the old timbers that used to be in the building. Go check it out. Keep in mind they are open for breakfast and lunch only.



Sunrise Bagels & More

Sunrise Bagels & More is located at 808 Harney Street, Vancouver, WA 98666 and can be reached at 360-750-1750.

Sunrise Bagels & More

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