Day 259 of 365…

Carl Gustafson Park in Vancouver WAI thought I’d share another park before winter has completely arrived. Carl Gustafson Park is conveniently located in the Vancouver Heights area and is a great community park.

You’ll find a huge open field area where you can run and play Frisbee, catch, kick a soccer ball or even fly a kite. You’ll also find a backstop for that game of softball, baseball, whiffle ball or kickball. There is a nice paved trail throughout the park with a few tables for that picnic lunch. There is a huge play structure with all sorts of cool things for the kids to run around on and play.

Carl Gustafson Park in Vancouver Heights

If you haven’t been to this park and you’re in the Heights area I’d recommend you stop by and check it out.

Carl Gustafson Park is located at 202 Nashville Way, Vancouver, WA 98664.

Carl Gustafson Park in Vancouver Heights