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Day 333: DuckTales Kitchen

Day 333 of 365… First off, I have to share this. The number 333 is one of my favorite numbers. It’s a 3. There are 3 of them. Several years ago I won $5,000 and the number 333 was instrumental in that. Okay, now back

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Day 152: Father Blanchet Park

Day 152 of 365… Ah, Sunday in the park… If you live in the Vancouver Heights you most likely know about Father Blanchet Park. If you don’t, allow me to introduce you. This 2.5 acre park is nestled amongst the mid-century homes located in this

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Does Value Range Marketing Work?

“Value Range what” you ask. Prudential Value Range Marketing (PVRM) is an exclusive pricing option available through the Prudential network. Range pricing leads to greater exposure to buyers, which typically results in more showings. It opens the door to negotiations and increases your opportunities for