Day 316 of 365,,,

O’hana = Family. I love that on the back of the shirts here it says, “everyone’s o’hana”. This sets the tone for Da-Kine’s Cafe and the actions of everyone there followed suit. Da Kines Cafe in Vancouver WADa-Kine’s is one of those “off the beaten path” places that is on a major road traveled by thousands every day. Resting against SR-503 (NE 117th Ave) is the Eastridge Business Park and it is easy to overlook some of the hidden gems you’ll find in such a business center. This is one of those hidden gems!

On one side you’ll only see a sign that says “Cafe” and on the front is a small surf board with the words “Da-Kine’s Cafe”. Don’t let this fool you, you need to go inside! You’ll find a family owned and operated restaurant that serves some amazing stuff. Yes, it is Hawaiian cuisine but it’s so much more. This was my first time in but will not be my last…

I had the Cuban Sandwich and this thing rocked! Picture this; amazing pulled pork, Black Forest ham piled on top of that, Swiss cheese, sweet relish and their homemade chipotle spread on a toasted sesame seed bun. The way all of these flavors blended together is beyond words. Simply amazing. I wasn’t sure about the sweet relish at first, but it really makes the sandwich.


Da-Kine's Cafe Cuban Sandwich meal

There are so many other things I look forward to trying here. They also serve a great sounding breakfast menu and will cater for you as well.

Da-Kine’s Cafe is located at 11700 NE 95th Street, Vancouver, WA; Eastridge Business Park Building 1 and can be reached at 360-253-9160. You can also connect with Da-Kine’s Cafe on Facebook.