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Day 317: Billygan’s Roadhouse

Day 317 of 365…

Billygan's Roadhouse in Vancouver WAThe phrase “Roadhouse” conjures up images of Patrick Swayze and Clark College Alumni Sam Elliott tearing it up on the big screen for me. You’ll not find Patrick, Sam or flying fists at our Salmon Creek area Billygan’s Roadhouse but you will find a fun environment and some great food.

You have to love a place that is covered in peanut shells when you walk in the door. 😉 Tonight I was able to join one of my oldest friends for his 40th birthday (love ya Troy) here at Billygan’s Roadhouse and we all had a wonderful time. It’s a great place for a group of adults to hang out and relax, you can also have the kids with you and have an equally fun time. I ended up having a variety of things for my dinner. I had half of a Rib Eye steak with a tasty baked potato and I also had half of a Reuben sandwich. The corned beef was excellent on the Reuben. Actually, everything was excellent.



Billygan's Roadhouse in Vancouver, WA

As it says on the sign, *Steaks*Burgers*Chicken*Ribs*… Why not head in and experience a little of all of them? Plus they have a great happy hour menu as well. I think I need to try the Big “O” Rings or the Billygan’s Nachos next time. Both sound awesome.

Billygan’s Roadhouse is located at 13200 NE Hwy 99, Vancouver, WA 98686 and can be reached at 360-573-2711. You can also connect with Billygan’s Roadhouse on Facebook.

Billygan's Roadhouse in Vancouver, WA

Billygan's Roadhouse in Vancouver, WA

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