Day 327 of 365…

Hockinson CookHouse in Vancouver WABiscuits and gravy! Mmmm… I love some good home style food and today I enjoyed a wonderful breakfast at Hockinson CookHouse. They have a wonderful menu with all sorts of great home style dishes as well as some more unique specialties.

I was warmly greeted by all the staff and promptly seated. The interior has a very clean, quaint country feel to it. Someone there must be into fishing since there was a fair amount of fishing type decorations throughout. I loved the flooring in here. Very simple yet really cool. Hockinson CookHouse has a wonderful community philosophy and mission with their food. Check it out…

Hockinson CookHouse is dedicated to Scratch cooking using the most local seasonal ingredients available. We grow our own culinary herbs, and actively seek local farmers that can provide us with the fresh produce that give our dishes their delicious flavor. We invite our local farmers to contact us with available produce.

As I mentioned, I chose to try their biscuits and gravy with eggs. I opted for the small portion since I knew I was having a larger dinner tonight. I’m so glad I only got the small portion because I was stuffed and it was awesome. There were large pieces of sausage in the country gravy and the biscuits were excellent. Check out the “small portion:
Hockinson CookHouse

Another intriguing thing I noticed was their “social hour” that runs Thursday through Saturday from 3pm to 8pm. Appetizers are $4 each and the social hour menu looks wonderful. They also serve up beer, wine and other beverages as well.

Hockinson CookHouse is located at 17407 NE 159th Street, Brush Prairie (Hockinson), WA 98606 and can be reached at 360-892-5661.