Day 328 of 365…

EXTREMEZ Paintball in Vancouver WADid you realize we have one of the largest online distributors of paintball equipment right here in Vancouver, WA? Better yet, did you realize that they have a full retail storefront in downtown Vancouver where you can do all your paintball shopping?

Whether you are a beginner with no gear or an expert paintballer EXTREMEZ Paintball has you covered. They carry some great beginner kits or they’ll bundle up a package for you to meet your desires. They carry a huge selection of indoor tournament style markers as well as a full selection of more “authentic” looking paintball markers for woodsball. If you need clothing or protective gear, they have a huge selection of that as well. This is also your full service air and paint location locally. I know of several larger local groups who get a lot of their paint from EXTREMEZ.

EXTREMEZ Paintball

A cool feature about EXTREMEZ is that it is a paintball shop owned and run by paintballers. They understand the needs, the game and want to provide for the paintball community. You can also shop online at their Paintball Online site if you aren’t close by or just don’t feel like driving downtown.

EXTREMEZ Paintball is located at 1212 W Fourth Plain Blvd, Vancouver, WA 98660 and can be reached at 360-567-2520.

EXTREMEZ Paintball