Day 34 of 365…

Looking for Alcott, Bradbury, Longfellow or Twain? Having difficulty finding an old book? Vintage BooksTired of “chain” bookstores? Then let me introduce you to Vintage Books in the Heights area of Vancouver, WA. Vintage Books is a locally owned and operated independent bookstore that has been operating since 1975. Yes, this is their 35th year in business. They not only specialize in vintage books but have an incredible collection of automotive books and manuals.

The following is a little snippet from their website:

We’ve always put our priority where our hearts are: the best book selection we can offer and the most knowledgeable, dedicated staff.

Our staff are all passionate readers– the diversity of our preferences can be seen on our “staff choices” shelves. We work hard to make your book buying experience easy, and treat your books with the care we would treat our own.

They are located at 6613 E. Mill Plain Blvd., Vancouver, WA, 98661 and can be reached at 360-694-9519. Vintage Books also has a Facebook fan page so head over and connect to them.