Day 35 of 365…

On a gorgeous spring day there is nothing better than getting out and enjoying some of the natural beauty Vancouver, WA has to offer. One way to do this is to venture out and explore the Burnt Bridge Creek Greenway. Burnt Bridge Creek GreenwayThis amazing trail system begins on the far west side at Fruit Valley Road/Lakeshore just south of 78th Street in the Hazel Dell area. It follows Burnt Bridge Creek for miles all the way out east to NE 92nd Avenue. It coves hundreds of acres and at least 6 miles one way. There are parking areas and restrooms along the entire trail as well. If you haven’t explored this system I’d highly recommend it. Whether you are a walker, runner, biker, meanderer, rollerblader, bird watcher or any other kind of “er”. :)

Burnt Bridge Creek Greenway is open daily from 7AM to dusk and easy for all ages. One of the nice things is how accessible it is for both the west side of town and the middle/east side. You can park on either end or many other places along it.

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Burnt Bridge Creek Greenway trail map