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Day 347: Thai Lotus Restaurant

Day 347 of 365…

Thai Lotus Restaurant in Vancouver WATonight I received a call from my friend Chris Hill asking if I’d like to grab a bite to eat. He suggested one of his favorite Thai places. It’s a place I’ve heard other great things about and been wanting to “check out” so it was a perfect mix. Dinner with a dear friend and an opportunity to share someplace with a larger audience.

So, he and I met at Thai Lotus in Cascade Park to enjoy dinner. I am happy to report, he and several others are correct about Thai Lotus being an excellent choice for Thai. I was shocked to walk in and see how large the inside is. It’s located in the center of the center and they have a couple different dining areas plus a small banquet room for that private party. It was bright, clean and very welcoming.

Thai Lotus Restaurant In Vancouver, WA

Chris suggested we begin with salad rolls and who am I to argue? 🙂 I really enjoy salad rolls as they’re a light appetizer and the peanut sauce with these were exceptionally good. We decided to order two dinner plates and enjoy them family style. Again, this was a great call. We got a Cashew Chicken dish and a Lemongrass Chicken dish that was served with peanut sauce. Both dishes were superb. The chicken was all tender and flavorful and all the veggies were done just right.

Thai Lotus Restaurant In Vancouver, WA

Thai Lotus Restaurant is located at 16209 SE McGillivray Blvd., Suites H & K, Vancouver, WA, 98683 and can be reached at 360-883-3419. You can connect with Thai Lotus on Facebook as well.

Thai Lotus Restaurant In Vancouver, WA

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