Day 348 of 365…

Bikram Hot Yoga in Vancouver WAMany months ago I discovered a new business in the Fishers Landing area. The business intrigued me and I said sometime I’d experience it so I could share with all of you. Well, it’s taken many months but tonight I decided to go for it and do it!

So around 4:15 today, I hesitantly entered Bikram Hot Yoga for not only my first ever Bikram Hot Yoga session. Not only was it my first Bikram Hot Yoga session, it was my first any kind of yoga session. Now Bikram Hot Yoga rooms are set at 105 degrees and 40% humidity. YES, that’s hOt! :)

Having never done this before I had slight concern that it might kill me. I’m happy to report not only did it not kill me, it was even fun. I did have to take a break about 20-30 minutes into the 90 minute session. I sat quietly and breathed and kept stretching. I was able to continue on and finish the entire 90 minutes. With Bikram you run through a series of 26 postures and two breathing exercises. I have to say, tonight my favorite position was #27. I believe our instructor Angela called it “Relax”. ;)

They say this is designed for all levels and after my session, I can testify to it. If I can make it through 90 so can you. I’d recommend you give it a try. For those considering it, look at the special Bikram Hot Yoga has offered…

The owners of Bikram Hot Yoga have been kind enough to extend a special to the fans of 365 Things To Do In Vancouver, WA. Please mention you saw this from “365 Things” and new students can get the 10 Consecutive Day Pass for only $10. This gives you a great chance to “check it out”! This offer is good through February 14th, 2011.

Bikram Hot Yoga is located at 1801 SE 164th Avenue, Vancouver WA, 98683 and you can call them at 360-254-9642. You can connect to Bikram Hot Yoga on Facebook too.