Day 36 of 365…

Today I will be sharing one of my favorite places and things to eat in all of Vancouver, WA. Yes, I really mean that. This is something I had never eaten until a trip to Seattle about 3 years ago. Once I ate it there, I had to find them here. That was a very difficult journey. You’re probably wondering what is this mystery food and where do I get it. Right? Right? :)

Vietnamese Sandwiches

Vietnamese sandwich in Vancouver WashingtonYes, Vietnamese Sandwiches are one of my favorite things to eat. They are made with a French roll that has pate, homemade mayonnaise, pickled vegetables, cucumber, cilantro, onions and jalapeno peppers plus whatever type of meat you like. The combination I just mentioned may sound strange to you but let me tell you, they are awesome! You can get things like Chinese BBQ Pork, seasoned chicken, grilled lemongrass pork or chicken, Vietnamese-style ham or many other selections. Another beautiful thing about these sandwiches are they range in price from $2.50 to $2.95! Yes, all the sandwiches are less than $3. How cool is that.

While I love all over their sandwiches I can’t leave out all the other tasty food they offer. This family owned and operated restaurant has some great Vietnamese cuisine. From rice dishes to noodle soups to a wonderful selection of appetizers and Tan Tan favorites. You really need to go in and check them out. They also offer Bubble Tea, delicatessen products and party trays for bigger events.

As a special promotion for the fans of “365 Things” between now and April 16th, 2010 mention you saw this on “365 Things” and they will let you order off the Happy Hour menu (yes, they now have a M-Fri Happy Hour from 3-6PM) ANY TIME. You will need to order one beverage for each person in the group.

Tan Tan Cafe is located at 316 SE 123rd Ave., Suite A3 in Vancouver, WA. You can reach them at 360-892-3400. You can also find them on Facebook. Why not become their fan?