Day 4 of 365…

Here is a real hidden gem in the East Vancouver area of Fishers Landing. Nautilus has their main headquarters there and in addition to that, they have built a Community Athletic area called Nautilus Backyard. It is open to the public and truly wonderful. Playing soccer at Nautilus Backyard football field in Vancouver WAIt features a full basketball court and another half court. A full sized softball field, a full sized football/soccer field and a 1/3rd mile running track. The amazing thing is this is designed to be able to get used year round. It all has a very hardy outdoor astro-turf type surface that drains amazingly well and does not turn to mud.

If you haven’t been out to enjoy this awesome community area I’d highly recommend you do so. It really is a treat!

If you want to request a reservation for the Football or Softball field you may email VW.AthleticFields(at) or call 360-859-2990.

Nautilus Backyard Community Info