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Day 3: Cinetopia Theater In Cascade Park

Day 3 of 365…

Cinetopia Theater in Cascade Park is always fun to go to. You can also enjoy a meal and drink at Vinotopia Restaurant and Wine Bar. You’ll find extremely comfortable seating and state of the art equipment at Cinetopia. If you are looking for a fun day or evening out to enjoy a show I’d recommend you give this great theater a shot. You will be glad you did.

From their website:

Cinetopia is a locally owned, luxury 8-screen movie theater and entertainment complex, which is conveniently located near the intersection at Mill Plain Boulevard and I-205 in Vancouver Washington, just minutes from Portland Oregon.

Cinetopia is located at:
11700 SE 7th St
Vancouver WA 98683

One thought on “Day 3: Cinetopia Theater In Cascade Park”

  1. Tim Moon says:

    Cinetopia is awesome! I've been a fan since they opened. I've seen Pans Labyrinth, Iron Man, and others as well. It's by far the best theater in the Portland/Vancouver metro.

    I'd also like to mention that I like your 365 Things To Do In Vancouver. It's a great way for you to leverage your knowledge of the area and engage possible clients. Keep up the great work Dale!

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