Day 54 of 365…

Looking for a nice, easy hike with a couple small hills? Something you can do in under an hour? Something absolutely gorgeous? Something very close in to town? Why not stop by Lacamas Park and hike the loop trail that goes all the way around Round Lake. It’s a wonderful hike that is a favorite spot for me. Even if I only have a half hour or so I’ll swing by if I’m in the area and just wander around half the lake. I’ll go to the dam and then head back to the parking lot. With all the trees it makes for a cool place even on a hot day. If you haven’t been I’d really suggest you stop by and take a stroll.

Round Lake is located right on Everett at the East end of Lacamas Lake just East of Vancouver and North of Camas. Below is a little over a minute long video of my entire hike around the 1.2 mile loop trail. Check it out, it’s kind of a fun way to see around the entire lake. Then, next time you have some time get out there yourself and take this hike.

Here are some photos from around the lake as well. I hope you enjoy them.

My photo walk around Camas with the Canon 50D

Lacamas Park

My photo walk around Camas with the Canon 50D