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Day 62: Frenchman’s Bar at Columbia River Lowlands

Day 62 of 365…

Orange Ford BroncoIt was the mid 1970’s and my dad had the coolest orange Bronco ever. We loved going out four wheeling. Back then one fun place to do this was Frenchman’s Bar. We would weave in and out of the trees on our way down to the beach. We would then drive out to the beach and set ourselves up for the day to fish and play. Even though it’s been over 30 years I still remember it like yesterday.

Well you can’t drive out there anymore but it’s still a great place to fish and play. Whether you want to play on the beach, playground or maybe some beach volleyball this is a great facility. In the video I mention it looks like 12 volleyball courts but their site says it’s 8. 8)

Frenchmans Bar Columbia River LowlandsThey have public restrooms, covered picnic areas, grassy areas to relax and play plus tons and tons of beachfront along the Columbia River. It really is tranquil. While I was there today a couple showed up with their little one. They had a kite, picnic basket and blankets in hand. I’m sure they had a wonderful time and are creating new memories just like the memories I have. It made me smile…

If you desire to rent any of the facilities or get more information I’d suggest clicking over to their website for all the most current details.

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