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Day 164: Wintler Community Park

Day 164 of 365… After dinner tonight it was the perfect evening to wander down to Wintler Community Park and stroll along the Columbia River. The sunset was wonderful and the temperature just right. This park features 12.5 acres of sandy beachfront to lay in,

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Day 111: Vancouver Land Bridge

Day 111 of 365… While driving along Highway 14 in the downtown Vancouver area have you noticed that cool looking curved bridge? It’s been there a few years now. Do you know what it is? Have you wondered about it? Today I’d like to share

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Day 90: McMenamins

Day 90 of 365… Wow! Can you believe it’s been 90 days since I started this little project? I can’t. That means we are 25% through the 365 Things To Do In Vancouver, WA. I don’t spend much time thinking about the big picture of

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Day 25: Water Resources Education Center

Day 25 of 365… The weather is a little drizzly. Not exactly a “go play in the park” sort of day. Looking for an indoor activity? Do you like FREE? Have you been to the City of Vancouver’s Water Resources Education Center off of Hwy

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It’s Time For Salmon Clark County!

Salmon! That’s right, it’s almost summer chinook season. Time to enjoy that pink, wonderful salmon meat. Steaks, fillets, smoked, baked, broiled, grilled, wood planked, not cooked at all. So many ways to enjoy this treat that is native to the Pacific Northwest. I love living