Day 66 of 365…

Today I’ll be slowing things down considerably. Ever have one of those days when everything is going crazy? Your head is spinning in a million directions and you can’t focus your thoughts? You just want to stop and take a deep breath and relax. LabyrinthWell we have a small little place here in Vancouver that just might help.

Recently the Memorial Labyrinth at First Congregational Church was brought to my attention (thanks mom) so I thought I’d go check it out. I really didn’t know what to expect. I hadn’t been to a Labyrinth before. I found the sign and walked down the path in the direction it pointed. When I got to the bottom I found this…


A patio? Really? It’s a paver patio.
These were my first thoughts. Then I decided to stop and discover what this is about. Obviously there is a pathway that winds around, I bet I’m supposed to follow it. So, I put my head down and begin to walk along this winding, twisting, turning pathway.

As I began to follow this path, my brain began to relax and focus on what I was doing. I heard the birds chirping, the breeze in the trees and felt the sun shining down on me. Ahhh… This is peaceful.

I meandered around to the center of the Labyrinth, I pause for a few minutes and then I turn around and meander back out. I was in a completely different state of mind when I was finished.

I am glad I stopped in to discover this little hidden gem.

First Congregational ChurchCurious how to get here? First Congregational Church is located at 1220 NE 68th Street, Vancouver, WA 98665. Just look for the huge Ark on the hill east of Highway 99. It is free to enjoy and open all the time. There’s even a seating bench around it if you want to stay and relax.