Day 67 of 365…

On the run? No time for a full meal? Want to get filled up without a ton of calories? Want to satisfy a sweet craving but in a healthy way? Big Mikes Shake ShackYou should consider stopping by and trying a Big Mike’s Shake Shack protein shake. These are not your typical shakes. They are a healthy meal for balanced nutrition that will help support weight management.

Today I stopped in for the first time not knowing what to expect. I discovered a quaint little place with seating for about a dozen people. There was also a nice bar and a plasma on the wall that has a Wii connected to it. They also feature FREE WiFi!

Big Mike’s motto is:

If You Ain’t Drinking… You Ain’t Shrinking

They not only believe this, they live it! One of the owners lost over 100 pounds so far (you can see the before and after pic on the wall inside).

Big Mikes Shake Shack Peanut Butter CaramelAfter looking at a list of about 30 flavors I decided on the Peanut Butter Caramel Shake. This 24 ounce shake was very good. Not only was it tasty, but also filling and only 220 calories! That’s right, only 220 calories! They are not cheap but for a meal replacement I’d say they are a very good value. In addition to the shake you also get a cup of their tea and a small cup of Aloe (tastes like mango). All that for $5.50 really isn’t bad at all.

Big Mike’s Shake Shack is located at 7017 Highway 99 Suite 100, Vancouver, WA 98665 and you contact them at 360-635-4971. They are open Monday through Friday from 7AM – 5PM and Saturday’s from 9AM – 1PM.