Day 79 of 365…

Who loves a great movie? How about popcorn with real butter. The kind you ate as a kid before you worried about the “fat” and “calories”. What if I told you Vancouver still offers a special place to enjoy an olden days movie experience? Back when cartoons welcomed you to the show.

This place is the Kiggins Theatre downtown Vancouver on Main Street and 11th. Anyone who grew up here went to a show (or two) at this historic theater. Kiggins TheaterAnyone new to the area has to go at least once to enjoy this little blast from the past that has entertained local families for nearly three quarters of a century. You won’t find stadium seating (but it is all upgraded and new, comfy seating!) but you will find a place that will put a smile on your face and give you a glimpse of our past. You will find prices that you can afford to take the whole family too. You will also find that they have upgraded to a digital system which allows for a better movie experience!

In addition to a great, independent movie experience Kiggins has expanded by adding the Marquee Lounge upstairs where you can enjoy local beers and wine. Grab a glass and take it downstairs to enjoy during your movie.

One fun fact for me is the gal who managed Kiggins for years and years lived directly behind the home I lived in when I was born. She would pop the popcorn for Kiggins in a specially made little shop everyday. Whenever we would be working on the house she’d give us a bag of the popcorn which was always wonderful. Kiggins front entryThat was one rental we would look forward to working on as kids… ;)

Kiggins Theatre has a fascinating history and if you are a history buff you might like to head over and read it.

Perhaps you’re looking to rent a movie theater? Kiggins is a great option for a theater to rent. It creates a wonderful experience for all who attend whatever event you are doing. Call them to get more information about this great option.

In addition to the above links you can also find Historic Kiggins Theatre on Facebook (it’s all the rage). They are located at 1011 Main Street, Vancouver, WA 98660 and can be reached at (360) 816-0352.

(Special thanks to Vancouver photographer Aaron Hockley for the wonderful Kiggins marquee photo above)