Hello everyone! It’s Friday and that means it’s time for some photos. Rather than share some of my photos this week, I’m going to share the love with some of my Flickr friends who’ve been kind enough to use the Creative Commons license that allows me to share their photos. In addition to the photos I add here, I’d recommend you pop over to their “photostream” and check out some of their other pics.

Bring on the photos!

One of my local Portland area friends Nick Bostic is an avid diver. I’m not so sure I’d be up for this. Glad Nick takes photos so I can enjoy them.

This beauty comes from my Denver Realtor friend Kristal Kraft. Aren’t the snow covered peaks wonderful? I really love the contrast of the snow with the colors of the houses.

This cool abstract comes to us from another of my local Portland/Vancouver area photographer friends Aaron Hockley. Aaron can often be found lurking around railroad tracks and rail yards. If you’re interested in the conversation surrounding photography, social media and online communities you might like Social Photo Talk.

This last photo comes courtesy of Teresa Boardman. Teresa is my Realtor friend from Saint Paul that I mentioned the other day. “T” as she is known around the interwebs has an incredible eye and perspective (no, that’s not a crack toward height ;)) in her photos. They really are lovely.

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed today’s Foto Friday. I know I’ve enjoyed looking around at all the photo’s of my friends. Take a moment and do the same. I hope you have a great weekend!