How exciting! Remember the other day I told you about the 21 Day Blogging Challenge I participated in? I explained how freeing it was to get to the point of hitting “publish” without second guessing myself and feeling “not good enough” to make the posts public. Just getting to this point in my blogging life was a huge win for me (and hopefully you find it as a win for you too).

Guess what? I was notified yesterday via Twitter

RE Tech South Winner

that I had won a full rock star all access pass to the REtechSouth Conference in Atlanta next March. This conference is a great learning and networking opportunity that is very exciting for me to have the opportunity to attend.

As a Realtor I’m always looking to better myself which in turn helps me be better for my clients. Any chance to learn and grow is a good thing.

I’m so very thankful to all the wonderful planners and coordinators for RE BarCamp Philadelphia. I bet you never thought your little contest would have such a profound impact on a Clark County WA Realtor all the way across the country. I love the world of social media! Look how small our world can be if we let it.