Today was my Regional Sales Meeting for Prudential NW Properties where we had a special guest speaker. Linda Franklin, Clark County Assessor, stopped by to fill us in on what is happening at the Assessor’s Office and to explain about a few great programs available to some residents of Clark County. I’ll be sharing these programs in upcoming posts.

Why is my assessment still so high?

When the meeting was over, I asked Linda if she would share a couple minutes of her thoughts about the Assessment letters that go out in the mail to every home owner in Clark County tomorrow, November 19th. Linda was gracious enough to agree and here are her thoughts:

Linda Franklin shares with Clark County

2008 Sales Comparables?

Hopefully this helps you understand this process a little bit. I know it seems a bit crazy and doesn’t necessarily make sense, but remember the Assessor is regulated by the State of Washington in all they do. Yes, the new 2010 tax assessment’s you will receive in the next few days is based upon the date of January 1st, 2009 and using sale comparables from 2008. If you’d like additional information to read about the whole assessment process head over to the Clark County Department of Assessment & GIS to read up on it.

What if I have questions?

As promised, if you have any questions feel free to look up your property information at the Clark County Property Information Center. If you feel like you want to appeal your new tax assessment, head over to the Clark County Board of Equalization and download the necessary forms and get started.

Thank you again Linda for taking the time to share here on the Clark County Real Estate Guide.