That’s right, Metro Station will be rockin’ Portland at the Expo Center along with Cobra Starship, Hey Monday, All Time Low AND Fall Out Boy! Whew… That’s quite a list.

Metro Station In Portland, OR

My 13 year old and I will be attending this show. He has been a huge fan of all five bands for a very long time and is most excited. Everyday for the last two months I’ve been getting the same question. “Dad, are you excited?”. Yes, everyday!

Guess what? Today’s THE DAY!

Metro Station In Portland, OR

I just spoke to the Expo Center and there are still tickets available so it’s not too late for you to go. The concert starts at 6:30 tonight but I believe the doors open at 5:30 and it is general admission…

I’m most excited that I can bring my camera in and take some pics. The “big boy” camera’s aren’t allowed but point and shoot, disposables and phones are. So, after the event you’ll want to check out my photo collection of Bands and Concert Events for pics of Cobra Starship, Hey Monday, All Time Low, Fall Out Boy and of course, Metro Station.

And YES son, I am excited! Today is the day.