Back in April of 2007 I first saw this roller coaster representation of real estate in America. It represents the history of home values in the U.S. since 1890, factoring out the effects of inflation. It is based on existing home sales, not new construction. It is amazing to watch how the different era’s of our history have grown and shrunk with regard to home values.

The interesting thing is this roller coaster was built in the spring of 2007 and it shows the plateau of our market but then comes to an abrupt end since the creator didn’t know what was next. I have to say, it would be interesting to see these last two charted out on the map. I bet the first dip in this ride would be quite a doozy! Maybe the creator will update this one of these days? Until then, check out this roller coaster and remember, real estate should always be looked at as a long term investment.

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(Thanks to Jeff Turner for the cool perspective shot on the roller coaster)