We hear it all the time: “My neighbor’s house is being foreclosed upon – it’s the third one in my neighborhood this year!”  In the news we hear a lot about distressed homes, which are foreclosed upon homes that are now bank-owned, and short sales.  Yes, there are a lot of short sales and bank-owned homes in our area, but there may not be as many as you’d think.

Let’s look at the facts.  According to RMLS data, more than 75 percent of all Clark County’s new listings in the Third Quarter were not distressed properties at all.  Just over 17 percent were short sale listings and only 7.4 percent of the listings were bank-owned properties.  There are still PLENTY of non-distressed properties for sale, and we can help you find them if that’s what you’re looking for.

I want to thank the RMLS for providing this picto-graphic which explains what I’m saying even better:

Distressed Homes - Clark County, WA 3rd Quarter 2012

Distressed Homes – Clark County, WA 3rd Quarter 2012