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Day 85: La Bottega ~cafe deli & wine shop~

Day 85 of 365… One of my favorite restaurants of all downtown Vancouver has to be La Bottega. They have one of the best menu’s around with some wonderful variety. They have a menu and food you would expect to find in the Pearl District.

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Day 71: Top Burger

Day 71 of 365… The time has come to finally talk about Top Burger located up by Crown Park in Camas. When this whole “little” project was announced Top Burger had to be one of the most recommended places to cover. I couldn’t do all

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Day 56: Sheridan’s Frozen Custard

Day 56 of 365… Full disclaimer: I do NOT like custard. Never have. Just not my thing. My family loves it, growing up it was around me and I just am not a fan. But, with this “365 Things” project I’m stepping outside of my

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Day 52: Mint Tea in Uptown Village

Day 52 of 365… I’m sitting here upstairs at Mint Tea enjoying the music and my Virgil’s Micro Brewed Root Beer while I await my Massaman Curry Soup. The energy and atmosphere in this place is wonderful. The staff has all been very friendly and

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Day 33: Rockin Wings

Like the name says… This place is ROCKIN! Day 33 of 365… Looking for awesome wings and a cool atmosphere? Let me introduce you to Rockin Wings in the Cascade Park area of Vancouver. I’ve driven by many times but today thought I’d Venture in

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Go To Whiffies Fried Pies!

You read it right. Whiffies Fried Pies. What’s a Whiffies Fried Pie? I’m glad you asked. They are basically a tasty pastry dough that is filled with a filling, folded up and then fried. Whiffies makes two varieties of pies. Sweet Each day is slightly