20 Oct 2011

WA State Foreclosure Fairness Act made simple

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Sign Of The Times - Foreclosure This year Washington State enacted the Foreclosure Fairness Act which will provide assistance to those families and individuals who are struggling to make their mortgage. If you […]

27 May 2009

Like It Or Not, You Do Compete…

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…with short sales and bank owned properties.

I meet with sellers all the time who want to tell me why their house is not like the one around the corner that is getting ready to be foreclosed on. They […]

2 Mar 2009

Understanding the Housing Recovery Plan

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The recently announced Homeowner Affordability and Stability Plan is a sweeping effort to stem the national tide of foreclosures and to help as many as 9 million homeowners stay current on their mortgages. Here’s a look at what the plan will entail and who will be eligible for assistance.

Basics of […]

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