Yesterday I went on a field trip with my daughter for part of the day. We traveled to downtown Portland to study the different bridges and architecture (there is your real estate tie in to this post…) in Portland. The trip was a ton of fun and all the kids learned a bunch. Here is a fun little video I put together in Animoto to highlight a few moments…

But, something even more amazing happened while on our field trip. While walking to Pioneer Courthouse Square we heard some commotion. Wondering what was happening, we took a detour into the square to find out. We stumbled upon a whole bunch of rally cars that are here for the Oregon Trail Rally.

As soon as we saw car #199 I immediately knew Travis Pastrana must be here somewhere! My daughter got so excited. She wanted to meet Travis! It only took a moment to find the huge crowd of people. We knew Travis had been spotted. The name Travis Pastrana shouldn’t be a mystery to anyone living in the last 10+ years. He has won more X-Games medals and awards than the internet will allow me to publish in this space! So, we patiently waited in line for her (okay, me too) to meet Travis. He was very nice and took time with each person. Thank you Travis. Look at this smile, it says it all.

The races are happening out in Hood River Saturday and Sunday (May 16th & 17th). The weather is going to be incredible this weekend so head out and go watch some racing. It should be a wonderful time. Last year Travis won the race, maybe he’ll do it again this year. If you are interested in watching, you can get the Official Spectator Guide here.

If you want to see even more of Travis Pastrana you must check out Nitro Circus! Nitro Circus is just that, an absolute circus of the most insane, crazy stunts you’ve ever seen. It airs on MTV on Sundays at 10PM. Take a look at this little promo for the show.