Friends… we all have them, we all want them, we all need them. I have to say, over the last year or so I’ve met a wonderful group of people. A group of people who’ve been most helpful to me. Helpful in so many ways. A group of people many of you probably don’t even know exists.

I’ve met people like (I’ll be using their Twitter names) @ahockley, @betsywhim, @brampitoyo, @camikaos, @chrisorourke, @drnormal, @EvaCatHerder, @kram, @lorelleonwp, @mizd, @msamye, @mediachick, @missburrows, @rabbidavid and @verso. Each of these people have unique talents and abilities, head over to check out their profiles and links to learn more.

These are some of the people who make up the Portland/Vancouver tech geek community (all of them would freely admit on one level or another to being geeky).

There is one common thing that each and every one of these people have in common with me. One single thing that brought me to have the privilege of knowing each one of them. That thing is… CubeSpace. For those who don’t know:

CubeSpace is an innovative workspace community in Portland, Oregon. We provide work stations, meeting rooms, and big office amenities to people who would otherwise be working from their homes, coffee shops, or wherever they can set up their laptops or use their cell phones. Our services are available on a monthly membership basis, or at hourly or daily rates.

CubeSpace was the location to my most recent adventure in putting together an “un-conference” of almost 200 real estate professionals. Many of the people on that list gave of many hours/days of their time to help make RE BarCamp Portland a huge success. They did so out of the goodness of their hearts and love of seeing people embrace technology. They gave of their knowledge and know how. They helped teach, take photos, clean, organize, brainstorm and so on.

Why am I writing this post about these friends? Well, yesterday CubeSpace announced they are in dire need of help. It made me realize, I have an entire group of friends that I would not know if it weren’t for CubeSpace.

So, here is a small way I can help. I can bring a little light to the situation and ask for more help. Sites have been set up with information and donation buttons for those who can help. Remember, any amount helps. Maybe you’d like to buy some beautiful framed Portland area photos? Maybe you have something that could be auctioned off? Be creative, do something! OurPDX has a great update to some of the happenings as of today. The rallying has been amazing, but more is needed. Please help out.