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All Time Record Temperature Set Today!

Really, it is NOT supposed to get this hot here! Seriously, we need a break from it. I have friends all around the country who seem to want a few extra degrees. Well, help yourself! We have too many of them. The pic below was taken in our van tonight at around 5:30PM.

Way too hot!

I know that the “official” high hit 107 which broke the all time high temperature record. Whether it was really 111 or 107 doesn’t really matter. Once we get into this range, the number seems to be irrelevant. To add a little fun & frivolity to this heat, let’s play some hot weather music…

One thought on “All Time Record Temperature Set Today!”

  1. Erl says:

    Good morning ~

    Spanaway, WA temps at my place ranged between 107 and 113 1/2 degrees, in the shade, depending on which thermometer read. I moved four around, here and there, on the 29th. Roofs and overhangs trap heat. I put one thermometer in the breeze of a fan running on the high roofed deck. This one read 107.

    On my north facing woodpile this morning, thermometer said 62, while on the deck temp was 60. Conclusion: reflected (trapped) heat from the days before raised the "real" temp.

    I trust my digital thermometer most. I am curious what the weather guys do / consider when they set up a thermometer.


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