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It’s NOT Supposed to be this HOT in Clark County, WA!

Clark County, NV? Sure. Clark County, WA? No way!

I can’t even think straight it is so hot. How hot is it you ask? Let’s see how hot it is…

Too stinking HOT!

To investigate this heat further…

Will it or won’t it?

Now I know that some of you live in these temperatures all the time but we here in the gorgeous Pacific Northwest do not. We enjoy a much more temperate climate. We aren’t supposed to cross into the triple digit realm. After all, this isn’t Phoenix! ๐Ÿ˜‰ (I love ya Jay!)

So, I stay inside my air conditioned home, air conditioned car and ride out this wave. Now if we could just get an air conditioner installed at @Whiffies. LOL!

6 thoughts on “It’s NOT Supposed to be this HOT in Clark County, WA!”

  1. Aaron says:

    Jennifer spent today making cookies…. in the driveway. Here's the last update from today's solar cookie experiment.

    1. DaleChumbley says:

      I have loved watching the solar cookie experiment. The thing I really want to know is… How were they?

  2. Jay Thompson says:

    Last week it was 119 on my back porch, in the shade.

    Stop your whining. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. DaleChumbley says:

      See Jay, it's hard to feel bad when it hits that kind of temperature in Phoenix… After all, IT'S PHOENIX! :p

      I look forward to you making your own "cook an egg" video. I'm sure yours will work better…

      1. Jay Thompson says:

        I tried the egg on the sidewalk thing several years ago when Phoenix hit it's all-time high temp of 122. It didn't work, it just got sort of rubbery.

        However, I did cook a pot roast in a car that day. Roast, potatoes, carrots. Wrapped it all up, left it in a closed car on the dashboard for five hours and it was DELICIOUS! You could cut it with a fork.

        Of course the car smelled like a roast for a month.

        1. DaleChumbley says:

          Oh my… I have tears rolling down my face from laughter. That is CLASSIC Jay! Makes my mouth water a bit. That sounds like something I might try… No wonder I love you man! ๐Ÿ˜€

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