Today is Blog Action Day and all the bloggers of the world are asked to take the day to post on one single topic. Poverty The aim is to raise awareness, initiate action and to shake the web!

We are asked to discuss the issue of poverty in our own unique way within our own voice. Upon seeing this topic three different organizations immediately came to mind. Two are local to the Vancouver, WA/Portland, OR area. One focuses their attention around the world and the other focuses in our local area. The third is based in California and focuses on Africa.

Managua Dump

Imagine living inside a garbage dump. Not near a dump, inside the dump! Imagine all your food, clothing and shelter comes from within this landfill. Now, imagine you have the opportunity to get to go through the garbage as it comes off the truck first. The cost? Your 10 year old daughter to be used sexually however the driver sees fit. Seems like this can’t happen. Guess again. This happens everyday in the “village” of La Chureca in Managua, Nicaragua. It has been like this over 40 years. Most of them have never known anything but this. Fortunately Forward Edge International, a local Vancouver, WA organization has been serving the citizens of La Chureca since the mid-1980’s. What can you do? How can you help?

Portland & Vancouver Street Kids

There are thousands of kids living on the streets in the Portland & Vancouver area. Many of these kids are literally abandoned by their families. They come home to find that their family has moved away or changed the locks on them. They are “thrown away”. Many resort to life on the streets where they struggle for food, water, shelter, clothing and the most basic necessities. It is a hellish existence. Fortunately there is Transitional Youth. Transitional Youth is founded by the owner of Prudential NW Properties (my brokerage). Bert E. Waugh, Jr. and his wife Susy started TY in 1991 to help get these broken kids off the streets and back into society. It only takes a moment to know that this is Bert’s passion and hearts calling. Is it yours? What can you do? How can you help?

Orphans & Underwear

Yes, underwear. When you put yours on you probably didn’t even think about it. Imagine living in Africa where something as simple as underwear is an unattainable luxury for millions of people. That is exactly what is happening there. In addition, every single day children are orphaned into extreme poverty. Orphaned into a life we cannot comprehend. Life with no safe food, no clean water and no hope. Enter Mothers Fighting For Others. MFFO is dedicated to providing these children with the basic necessities that we provide for our own children. They will give them a roof over their heads, safe food and clean water, and a chance to learn, to grow and to thrive. A chance to have hope. This amazing organization is run by an incredible woman whose heart and soul pounds for these children. Rocky Turner has dedicated her life to give a voice to those who don’t have a voice for the masses. Will you listen? What can you do? How can you help?

So, the question is simple. Will you continue to live your comfortable life complaining about tough times or stop to look around you and see how truly blessed you are? I’ve given you three different opportunities to help out local and across the globe. I’ve personally supported all three. Will you? Please search your heart and dig deeper than you think possible and help make a difference. I promise it will be the best feeling ever.

Take care,

Dale Chumbley

Photo credits:
Managua Dump
Street Kids
Orphans & Underwear