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Has Cancer Touched You? It Has Touched Me!

As a cancer survivor myself, this touches me as close as it possibly could. Not only am I a survivor, I have lost many family members and friends to this horrible disease. 10 Years ago, I finished my treatment for Hodgkin’s Disease. Today I stand

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Celebrate Passion Project – “I Hunky Dory”

This month Thom Singer of “The Some Assembly Required Blog” is hosting The Celebrate Passion Project. This project is to honor people who have a special spark for life or help others to discover ways to re-ignite the internal passions for our world. You should

In The Beginning…

Greetings all, Welcome to my first entry into the blogging world. My hope is that this will become your resource for all things Clark County. My family and I are lifelong residents of this wonderful place with deep roots that go back to the 1890’s.