Day 110 of 365…

Ever get sick of the rain? Want to swing the golf clubs but not get soaked in the process? Might I suggest you head out east and visit the Camas Meadows Driving Range. Camas Meadows Driving RangeThis is a great driving range that offers a covered area and also a real grass uncovered area.

A medium bucket of balls runs $6 and for $10 you get a large bucket. Why not head out with a friend and share a large bucket? This driving range is 300 yards long and has 20 covered, heated and lit spaces for year round practice. There are an additional 20 spaces which means everyone can have a spot almost anytime. They open at 6:30am and are open until 9pm.

Camas Meadows Driving Range

Camas Meadows Driving Range is located on Camas Meadows Drive just east of Goodwin Road.