Day 111 of 365…

While driving along Highway 14 in the downtown Vancouver area have you noticed that cool looking curved bridge? It’s been there a few years now. Do you know what it is? Vancouver Land BridgeHave you wondered about it? Today I’d like to share this bridge with you. This is the Vancouver Land Bridge and it’s purpose is to reconnect Fort Vancouver and the Historic Reserve with the Columbia River waterfront.

Back when the Hudson Bay Company was running things in the area there wasn’t Hwy 14 or the railroad to contend with. People could easily walk from the Columbia River to Fort Vancouver. Walkers on Vancouver Land BridgeNow it’s a little trickier. So the plan was made to create a very natural walking path to once again bring these important parts of our world together. Thus, the Vancouver Land Bridge was created.

Access to the Vancouver Land Bridge is quite easy. You can either park along the Columbia River near the I-5 bridge or on the other side near Fort Vancouver. Once you park, you can stroll over this 40 foot wide path to take in the wonderful views and sights. If you haven’t been I’d really recommend it. Today while walking I saw walkers, runners, skaters, bikers and strollers. This trail works for everyone.

Land Bridge with Fort Vancouver

Land Bridge