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Day 355: Camas Meadows Golf Club

Day 355 of 365… I love the Pacific NW. The natural beauty of the trees, lakes, hills and green are simply amazing. When all of these things come together with some vision you can end up with a simply stunning golf course. That’s what you’ll

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Day 110: Camas Meadows Driving Range

Day 110 of 365… Ever get sick of the rain? Want to swing the golf clubs but not get soaked in the process? Might I suggest you head out east and visit the Camas Meadows Driving Range. This is a great driving range that offers

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Day 95: Green Mountain Golf Course

Day 95 of 365… As spring keeps rolling along it is getting to be more and more golfing time. I thought today would be nice to highlight the Green Mountain Golf Course. Green Mountain is currently in their 10th year of operation. With this being

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Day 61: Steakburger Golf-O-Rama

Day 61 of 365… The sun is out and the temperature is nice. I figured why not head over to Steakburger Golf-O-Rama on Highway 99 to get in a quick 18 holes. My daughter and I loaded up in the van and headed out to

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Day 40: Vanco Golf Range

Day 40 of 365… Have the itch to get out and play a round of golf? Clubs screaming to get out and hit some golf balls? Weather not inviting you out to do these things yet? Well… Why not head to probably the oldest driving