Day 142 of 365…

Moms, dads, grandparents, siblings, babysitters, nannies ever wish you had a place to go enjoy a cup of coffee, dessert, breakfast, lunch or dinner where you weren’t concerned about your little one(s) disturbing those around you? What if you could visit with friends, make new friends, have a relaxing time and not worry about the kiddos bugging others.

Cafe sip n playGuess what? Such a place exists right here on the east side of Vancouver! Nestled between Cascade Park and Fishers Landing is Cafe Sip-n-Play. Cafe Sip-n-Play fills a need for those in our community who want to get out and socialize but have kids 5 and under.

They are running a summer special through July and August of $2.50 per child all day. They are open 7 days a week and also run special events and movie nights as well. The kids play area is 1,500 square feet. I wish this place had been around when my kids were younger. We would have loved going in and getting to visit with friends and let the kids run and play.

I love how Vancouver Family Magazine describes them:

“Frankly, it’s a wonder that Cafe Sip-n-Play was not invented and franchised long ago. The brilliant concept blends hip,comfortable decor with a light deli-style menu, coffee and other drinks, and best of all, a large kids’ play area. The only downside: It’s darn near impossible to rip the kids away from the place.”

Cafe Sip-n-Play is located at 3000 SE 164th Ave – Suite 107 Vancouver, WA and can be reached at 360-896-4446. You can find Cafe Sip-n-Play on Facebook too!