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Day 245: Lil’ Snippers Haircare 4 Kids

Day 245 of 365… If you’ve ever struggled to get your child to go get a haircut then have I got the place for you. Right here in east Vancouver is Lil’ Snippers Haircare 4 Kids and it’s designed just for the kids! They have

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Day 192: Kazoodles ~kid-powered toys~

Day 192 of 365… Once upon a time in a world years and years ago, kids played with toys that made them think and interact. They didn’t involve screens, monitors and controllers. Electricity wasn’t necessary. They engaged with whatever they were playing with. Guess what?

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Day 142: Cafe Sip-n-Play

Day 142 of 365… Moms, dads, grandparents, siblings, babysitters, nannies ever wish you had a place to go enjoy a cup of coffee, dessert, breakfast, lunch or dinner where you weren’t concerned about your little one(s) disturbing those around you? What if you could visit

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Day 126: Cascade Park Community Library

Day 126 of 365… Did you know that there is a new branch of the Fort Vancouver Regional Library located just north of Cascade Park? That’s right, the Cascade Park Community Library is open for business. This new location opened December of 2009 and boasts