Day 145 of 365…

The Cedars on Salmon CreekThe Cedars On Salmon Creek is one of the prettiest golf courses in Clark County. It has an amazing amount of gorgeous cedar trees lining every hole (thus the name The Cedars) :). I’ve played this course a fair number of times and it’s always fun.

I’m not the best golfer in the world. In fact, I’d probably land closer to the other end of the ability scale as golfers go. Thankfully this doesn’t stop me from having a wonderful time on the course. I golf for fun which is a good thing since I’m no good. LOL!

The Cedars On Salmon Creek Golf Course

Having shared my golf ability I’ll now tell you that I’ve left more than my share of golf balls behind at The Cedars On Salmon Creek course. One round I think I left behind about 17 balls. I do realize this is “almost” one ball per hole pace. But I also remember having a ton of fun. I’ve also managed to not lose too many. As beautiful as the cedar trees are they aren’t my friend during a round.

The Cedars On Salmon Creek is located at 15001 NE 181st Street, Brush Prairie, WA 98606 and can be reached at 360-687-4233. Plus you can find The Cedars on Facebook.

The Cedars On Salmon Creek Golf Course