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Day 173: Ellsworth Park

Day 173 of 365…

Ellsworth ParkFor today I’m going to do a “Sunday in the park” post. I thought why not share one of the parks closest to me. Today I’ll be highlighting Ellsworth Park which sits in the Ellsworth Springs Neighborhood. This community park is about 3 acres and features a backstop for playing ball, a huge open grassy area, benches and tables for resting or eating and a huge play structure. This structure has all sorts of cool things for the kids to play on. You’ll also find a track that wraps around the park. I mention in the video it’s a quarter mile but I actually think it might be 1/3 of a mile. I can’t really remember. Maybe someone can chime in and let me know. 🙂

Ellsworth Park is located at 512 SE Ellsworth, Vancouver, WA 98664.

Ellsworth Park

Ellsworth Park

2 thoughts on “Day 173: Ellsworth Park”

  1. Kathy Hanley says:

    It's 1/3 mile around the track – I've walked it many times. I love that park!!

  2. DaleChumbley says:

    Awesome! Thanks for chiming in Kathy. After I said 1/4 mile I thought that wasn't right. We also love this park.

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