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Vancouver USA Marathon

Wow! Vancouver, Washington is having their very own marathon THIS Sunday, June 19th, 2011. Yes, that’s on Father’s Day. I can tell you that this father won’t be out on the course because I’ve already ran the race! Check it out… On Sunday at 7am

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Day 184: H.B. Fuller Community Park

Day 184 of 365… Tonight I found myself in Salmon Creek and thought a nice walk around H.B. Fuller Community Park would be nice. I was correct. It wasn’t too hot. There were about 4 soccer practices & scrimmages happening. As a kid I played

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Day 173: Ellsworth Park

Day 173 of 365… For today I’m going to do a “Sunday in the park” post. I thought why not share one of the parks closest to me. Today I’ll be highlighting Ellsworth Park which sits in the Ellsworth Springs Neighborhood. This community park is

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Day 129: Lacamas Heritage Trail

Day 129 of 365… Recently I shared about Lacamas Lake and how beautiful it is. I also shared there are all sorts of wonderful things around it to do like the trail around Round Lake on the east side of Lacamas. Today I’m going to

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Day 97: Salmon Creek Greenway Trail

Day 97 of 365… Looking for a beautiful trail on the West side of Vancouver? If so, you need to check out the Salmon Creek Greenway Trail that follows Salmon Creek. This trail is absolutely gorgeous. The meandering trail hugs up against Salmon Creek off

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Day 75: Bella Vista Park

Day 75 of 365… While my son and I were out today we decided it would be nice to shoot some hoops for a bit. We were driving through Cascade Park and I thought, why not stop by Bella Vista Park and play some basketball,

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Day 58: Fisher Basin Community Park

Day 58 of 365… When the sun breaks out like it did today it makes you want to head outside and find a great park or open space. Someplace to have some fun. As I was out and about during my day I found myself

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Day 35: Burnt Bridge Creek Greenway

Day 35 of 365… On a gorgeous spring day there is nothing better than getting out and enjoying some of the natural beauty Vancouver, WA has to offer. One way to do this is to venture out and explore the Burnt Bridge Creek Greenway. This