Wow! With this being my 183rd post I’m officially entering the second half of this “little” project. :)

Day 183 of 365…

Truth Skate 10

This Saturday, August 21st is the second annual Truth Skate ’10 event. If you’re a skateboarder or bike rider (or know one) you won’t want to miss this all day event. Check out this schedule…

8:00AM – Registration open
11:00AM – Skate Intermediate Begins
12:30PM – Clint Bishop – Hip Hop artist
12:45PM – Bike Intermediate Begins
2:15PM – Tim Byrne, Professional Flat Land Skateboarder – Demo
2:45PM – Skate Advanced Begins
4:15PM – 1st Infantry – Hip Hop artists
4:45PM – Bike Advanced Begins & Tim Byrne $1000 TRICK CHALLENGE
6:15PM – Bishop Freeze & SOZO – Hip Hop artists
6:45PM – Big Air Comp
7:45PM – FALL STAR – Rock
8:15PM – Medals & Prizes

Truth Skate ’10 takes place at the Battle Ground Skate Park at Fairgrounds Park. You can connect to Truth Skate ’10 on Facebook too.

Battle Ground Skate Park